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How does your current venue compare? At ArtRave we strive to make the artist as visible as possible. Come be a part of a movement that centers quality art and artists.


ArtRave is indoor on Connecticut Ave and outdoor at Dupont. It is a FREE event for the public. Artists pay $29 for indoor and $49 for outdoor.


The outdoor venue in DuPont, surrounded by some  80 or so restaurants & cafes on P & 14th Street cafes, plus thousands of residents, is open every Saturday from 11 am till 5 pm running thru Xmas. ArtRave gives an instant presence with our planned flash mob, runway shows & special art exhibits, including the introduction of a regional and global art wall that commands attention. The outdoor venue also enables us to have a little more flexibility in its makeup. We love having specialty goods & crafters.  Join our fine artisan ensemble. The application is “free” just scroll back to the top & click on vendor application

 “Art Rave” outdoor at DuPont Across Wholefoods and along all the P Street cafes Every Saturday 11am to 5pm till Xmas



This is for a select group of juried artisans, staged on the roof tops of  DC neighborhoods. Night activities include “free” paint class, wine & food tasting, music in the background & while artisans can show-tell- & sell their fine works.  AND NOW, WE PRESENT ARTRAVE IN DC ‘s NIGHT CLUBS!!

                                                                               More about us:

The team at Art Rave is committed to bringing tasteful, economically viable, venues to the DC community. We are facilitators for the arts and fashion community; with previous outdoor venues attracting some few thousands of people throughout the day, and were written up as one of the top east coast staged productions. All the areas businesses from our venues experienced sharp increases in sales as people tend to stay longer and shop at other establishment as well.

Since having enjoyed continued growth & success when our journey began in 2010, 2015 will find an added vibrancy by elevating the fashion and fine arts community using unique “multi venues”, both indoor & outdoor. The only problem you will have is a matter of choice, each has its own distinct flavor.